Lille (France), August 31st – Alzprotect a biopharmaceutical organization developing therapeutic solutions for neurodegenerative diseases announces today that the World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged the International Non-Proprietary Name (INN) Ezeprogind for its clinical stage drug AZP2006. The international non-proprietary name (INN) of an active pharmacological substance is a non-commercial name defined by the World Health Organization, designed to be usable without ambiguity. in a large number of languages. The new suffix "-progind" is the first of its kind, designed for compounds acting via Progranulin release related mode of action. Thus, Ezeprogind is unique and represents a new pharmacological class (called “first-in-class”).

Philippe Verwaerde, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Alzprotect, declared:” We are very pleased that AZP2006 is now recognized as a « first-in-class » drug candidate, under the INN name of Ezeprogind.  WHO recognized the innovative properties of Ezeprogind/AZP2006 by accepting the proposed generic name for our leading candidate drug. This name will now-on be used in our future communication related to the ongoing Phase 2a clinical trial for PSP”

Noelle Callizot, Chief Development Officer, declared: « This recognition, by the WHO of AZP2006 as first in class, confirms Alzprotect's innovation as the first biotech to develop a treatment targeting the Progranulin growth factor for the neurodegenerative diseases. This awards our years of research and pharmacological excellence.”

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