Neurodegenerative diseases are chronic and often very debilitating conditions. Their slow progression causes alterations in nerve cell function, including in neurons that can lead to cell death, also known as neurodegeneration.

These diseases result in progressive movement and balance disorders, loss of intellectual capacity such as memory, and a dysfunction of senses such as vision.

Among these conditions, Alzprotect specifically focuses its research on tauopathies. This family includes some twenty diseases that have in common the accumulation of Tau proteins in neurons and share common clinical signs and symptoms.

The company currently focuses on Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) to provide proof of efficacy before expanding the treatment to other conditions, and particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

These diseases, being little known to the general public and difficult to diagnose, are a challenge for science, but also for patients’ families, carers and healthcare providers.

The patients included in clinical trials are selected by skilled clinicians. Alzprotect is not involved in this process. It is recommended to contact patients’ associations to obtain information about ongoing clinical trials.

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