Lille (France), March 7th, 2021 – Alzprotect, a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic solutions for neurodegenerative diseases is pleased to announce the company will present virtually at the 14th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum that will take place from  the 10th  to the 12th of March 2021, aspart of the Digital Sachs Spring Life Sciences Week.

Philippe Verwaerde, Chief Executive Officer of Alzprotect will provide an overview of the development program of the company’s drug Ezeprogind® and will be available for questions and one-on-one meetings with attendees registered for the conference.

Dr Verwaerde will also participate in a “Progress in Alzheimer’s Dementia and Diagnostic” panel on March 11th at 5 PM.

 “There is currently no available treatment to slow down or stop diseases related to neurodegeneration which affect tens of millions of people worldwide. Participating in this event allows us to share our unique innovation and progress involving the regulation of complex intracellular processes including inflammatory pathways and neuronal survival. Along with our experts, partners, and investors, we are proud of our recent progress and look forward to the next steps” Dr. Verwaerde said.

The 14th Annual ELSF is will include the BioCapital & Investment Day and the Bio-Pharma Partnering & Therapeutics Day on 10th and 11th of March. These two days will feature more than 14 hours of high-level speeches, panel discussions and spotlight showcases by more than 400 leading industry corporates.

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