Lille (France), july 20th 2020 – ALZPROTECT, Alzprotect changes its logo signature


Alzprotect has entrusted Staminic the redesign of its graphic identity. The aim was to translate the evolution of the biotechnology company, which this year is launching a major clinical trial in the field of neurodegeneration.


Philippe Verwaerde, CEO, declared “Many people would mispronounce “A-L-Z protect” instead of “Alzprotect”. Therefore, we expect that this new logo design will also emphasize the correct pronunciation of the company name. The logo continues to incorporate the Greek letter "Tau", a symbol of the protein Tau, which is one of the main markers of PSP, but also of Alzheimer's disease. The identity also retains the original colors, to ensure the graphic continuity of the brand.

Alzprotect ancien logo


Alzprotect logo actualisé 20 07 2020

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